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pasadena city college??

Anybody attending this college??

Is that true that there are a lot of Asian students attending the college?? I like Asian people myself so I may as well want to attend the college.

Can you tell me about the college??Like everything, things you like, you don’t like and staff


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Little J

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I went to PCC for 2 years and yes there’s lots of asians …

Campus is very nice and roomy …


Parking is PURE HELL! … I normally park 2 blocks north of Colorado Blvd. (That street where Burger King is … I forgot the name of the street) I would park 2 blocks away to keep my car from getting dents from other cars hitting it cuz their parking space is so tight! … I would only park on campus when its raining …

Other than that I loved going to PCC and I no longer attend there …

Good Luck at PCC


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Yes, lots of Asians and Hspanics (or whatever the politically correct label is at the moment). But a lot of the Asians stick together and don’t always freely mix…almost like mini-UN delegations voting along party lines.

Lots of stuff on the college website www.pasadena.edu

The campus is “beautiful” but it seems to be a lot of Disneyland gardening…flowers wilt, so they dig them out and toss them, and stick in fresh ones. Seems to take a lot of money, time, effort and water.

Faculty have a strong rep for quality education…but like any college, it really depends on the individuals involved…both faculty and students.

Parking is going to be…almost alway is…a real bear normally, but may get worse as major construction may be starting on the west side of the campus. Be really careful….even when you get a parking ticket by mistake…you HAVE to pay $25 to get them to correct it and take it off the computer system…(private company not the college) and those records can connect to your car registration and driver’s license so you cannot renew them until you clear the tickets. I personally know friends who got “accidentally” ticketed several times, paid the $25 service fee to clear the ticket…and then months later couldn’t renew their car registration because the computer still showed the violations as unpaid.


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Yes, there are a lot of asians at PCC … I never attended it – but I’m familiar with the neighborhood.

Try their website for the low down on the campus…


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