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Financial aid/ social security?

Can you go to college and apply for financial aid even if you dont have a social security number? If you can… what’s the point of going if you graduate from college in 4 years but you cant apply for a job if you dont have a ssn? Does any one know of any college in the united states that would allow you to go to college, give you financial aid, and assure you a job without a ssn????

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A college or university may allow you Admission into the college or university if you do not have a Social Security Number, but you will not be eligible to receive any type of federal student aid.

One of the most important eligibility requirements for federal student aid is that you are a US Citizen (by birth or naturalization) or a permanent resident (in which case you must also provide your Alien Registration Number in addition to your Social Security Number). There is no way around this federal regulation; no ifs, ands, or buts; you must be a Citizen or permanent resident.

So, no, there is no college in the United States that will grant you financial aid if you do not have a Social Security Number. You must obtain citizenship or residency (your “green card”) before you will qualify for federal financial aid.


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that’s no longer actual. extremely, as quickly as you turn 18 or graduate highschool, whichever comes final, you isn’t eligible for social protection exams to any extent further. it extremely is actual that in case you report your FAFSA with your father who’s receiving SSI reward (this is not any longer the comparable as social protection reward), you get carry of an autozero EFC. a nil EFC makes you eligible for a complete Pell furnish of $4310 in line with 300 and sixty 5 days (in case you’re complete-time enrolled) and all different prefer based help classes.

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Sorry but NO I don’t