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Can some1 help me 2 describe India? I am writing a descriptive essay on it.?

I want somethng like fashionable clothing, vast plaines, and that sort of thing. Stuff that describes India so that you can imagine as if you were there.

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Twilight Elk

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1. Its a giant industry state (by state I mean country)

2. Its the second most populated country in the world.

3. It was under British rule (look up ‘Raj’ on Google for more information)

4. Do some information on how the 2004 Tsunami affected the land.

5. Bollywood

Here are some descriptives 🙂

Good luck on your report 😀


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try here…it has everything. It helped me last year in the 8th grade when I had to do exactly what you are doing but with africa also!

Hope I was a help! ♥