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what are the pros and cons of high school students working part- time?

what are the good and bad things about high school working during the school year

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Pros –

-you make $ to pay for your car that gets you to school, work and out with friends.

-you help out your parents by buying your own clothes.

-you don’t need to ask mom and dad for $ every time you want to buy something

Cons –

-having a job may negatively affect your grades, socialization with friends, exercise or extra curricular activities

I had a job in high school with early release privileges. I also moved out of my parents house when I was 18 and into my OWN apartment.


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– Helps students learn the value of money and hard work before they are expected to be supporting themselves independently.

– Provides students with spending money for clothes, music, hanging out with friends etc.

– Empowers students by showing them the value of their labor and their ability to earn money.

– Potentially exposes students to different fields of employment or walks of life than they might come across in interacting with their family and at school.


– Part time work can interfere with school work or valuable after school activities.

– Overly committed kids may become unnecessarily stressed, and their health or grades could suffer.

I’m personally a big believer in kids working during high school, but think that work should be limited to a low number of hours (5 – 10?) and that school should come first. If their grades are suffering, they perhaps should quit the job and start working again during the summer.