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ツ im a guy

how is freshman year like in highschool?

ima be a freshman in highschool in less than 3 weeks and i wanna kno how its like in a school with only white people mostly(like 70%) and how track is like in highschool, so can anyone tell me there expirience?

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Freshman year was great! I was scared out of mind to be in the highschool but it ended up being awsome and I can’t imagine going back to middle school. You’ll like it. Takes a bit of getting used to, but once you do its a lot morre fun, a ton of new people to meet, and you get tons more freedom. Food isnt much better though… hahaha but what can you do?

And the 70% white thing…? Did you come from a school with a totally diferrent ratio? I can’t help you there.. I’ve always been at a school with that, but I’m kinda out here in the sticks. πŸ™‚

As for track, I run too. It’s obviously different between schools but it was so much more fun in highschool. Different, but fun. Its kinda cool being with older kids who can show you everything and I ended up making a ton of upper-classmen friends who gave me advice on what I could do differently. I most definatly improved all of my times.

Good luck!


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i didn’t enjoy it while i was doing it, but towards the end i realized it was freaking amazing, and i started regretting always being so negative about school. the classes are easy! (even if your in advanced) and track was easy to get into for me, but i ended up not doing it because they have really long practices and i didnt think i would have time. but you should do it!

anyways freshman year was the first year i ever liked school

i miss it so much πŸ™

now im going into 10th…



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Its just like how you imagine it will be… but not as extreme.

AKA people won’t be as mean to you, classes won’t be THAT hard, the girls won’t be THAT slutty, the sports aren’t THAT intense, etc.

Just relax.. I know you’re excited… but it’s kinda overrated. Its a lot like 8th grade but in a different building (probably).

And no you don’t need a girlfriend.


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Brandon S
im going into 10th. highschool is 362196846231684 times more fun than middle school. you have a lot more freedom. and you can get away with almost anything