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how do I know

What do you go 2 college 4?

I want to go to college. I’m thinking about a trade school because I think that will help my career. The school is out my state. I dont know anyone there and its a trade school so I’m worried about my social life. As in there is no more football or band. Can u please give yo opinion?

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The Antique Pirate

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All of which only 1 Habit can simplify all.

Lets look at the odd side of life. Schools out of state and you know no one.

So my question to you is “What can you do to make things better?”

Out of state is an enviormental change.

Know no one is social change.

In life, humans for who they are, are always developed by this two things. That is how their thoughts are made and created.

The fact I share this is not to just give an opinion but to give you a deeper meaning to what you are doing, and the choices that affect the outcome of the destiny you choose to have.

What is more important right now?

Why you ask this question is simple. You are emotionally confused because of your level of comfort.

To go to another state, possibly and likely to stay there is a tough choice sometimes. Because you don’t know anyone there. You are alone, to fend for yourself. It’s scary yes I agree, and lonely. But in the end, these are only emotions holding you back.

Looking yourself in the mirror everyday, you will see only the most important person in your life. How do you want that important person to live his life? Otherwise, YOU.

Are you going to live a life of mediocrity just because of a different place and knowing no one? Or are you going to step out of your level of comfort to do what’s right for your future?

Your choice! For my opinion has no room to make judgements and advises here.

In the end, it only takes One of Eight Habits to live life better in this problem. Be “Proactive”

Everyone starts somewhere and anyone can make a difference to themselves and those around them as long as they choose to take the initiative. Will YOU choose to do that?

You are the only one who can see opportunities that fit your goal in life. To you, this school is an opportunity to live your dream, so why hold back like common men? Move, step out in your level of comfort. Do what needs to be done to live your dream that will make your life, your career a life of true greatness.

You are not the product of your choices. Your choices are the product of you.

You are only a product of principles driven by your values, which creates the reason for your desire to succeed in life.

Be Proactive.

Give yourself the ability to have social communication. If you know no one there, then make friends by being a man of greatness. Be a man of outstandingg charisma and talent. To build that, your vision must be clear. Your goals must be clear. Your actions must be aligned to your goals to make such a commitment.

Be positive, for the very problems you think of is the very problem itself. Think big and give yourself the courage to be different and step out of your comfort zone.

To live a dream, do what it takes. Start packing, go there and live there. Put your focus in building your hunger to have a great and awesome career that you so love to do. Be an outstanding man and be a magnet to people. Learn to approach them, talk to them and bring the light out of you, and learn to bring the light out of them

Be Proactive and Think with an End in Mind for your goal, the dream life you want to have and work towards it.

My friend. This question can best be answer on your own. But to clearly give an answer, you must first know how hungry you are to achieve your dream career or something more bigger, better, greater.

Nothing can change what you want to achieve as long as you have the passion to do so. If so, then go, study and be the best there while you’re at it.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters

compared to what lies within us.”

Remember that always…


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I think a trade school would be a good option for you. Don’t worry about the social life. You will meet people once you get there. Everyone will be in the same situation as you.

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Mark D
You should not choose your school primarily on football or band… I mean, if that’s important to you, you should consider it, but you go to college for an education.

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Are you going to the Trade school to learn a trade or just to party?Get your sh** together and decide which you want to do.

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bobby b
you goto college to train yourself with the knowledge so you can pursue a career that is either:

a) of your interest

b) for a substantial salary at the end of the month.