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social studies homework?

i need help with these questions on my s.s. homework

here they are:

When businessmen artificially set the cost that people must pay for their products we say that they are “______”.

A. monopolizing

B. cost averaging

C. price-fixing

D. income adjusting

The term _________ refers to people in the public, government, labor and business who pushed for laws to protect citizens and workers.

A. Philanthropists

B. Orthodontists

C. Suppressives

D. Progressives

A company that eliminates its competition and gains complete control of an industry is called a ________.

A. trust

B. monopoly

C. corporation

D. none of the above

A form of business where owners of different businesses in the same industry pool their stock and cooperate to control that industry is called a _______.

A. corporation

B. partnership

C. trust

D. monopoly

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the answers are pretty obvious, even to someone who hasn’t taken economics (orthodontists?!)