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I’m confuse , ape or adam , evolution or goD made the man?

My science teacher told us we have evolved from a dumb ape like hairy monkey…she told us that if we did not bath for one week we will smell like monkeys..

But our pastor Bob told us that goD made us withn 7 days using his magic power. Also the first people was Adam and Eva.

I’m confuse..please help.

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there is no right answer. while the scientific community holds to the belief of evolution based on logical conclusion, it is still a belief. the religious community holds that god breathed life into man after forming him from the clay of the earth, and this is based on hearsay. It may be that both explanations at the very root are in fact the same. while we may not have come from apes, the idea that life is a random occurrence is a huge leap of faith, and while the idea of god making us out of dirt is absurd, it may just have been the only way the people of the time had to explain the idea that we are all made of the same matter as the world around us.

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it is not a typical query. interior the Bible its says god created guy. I different than that as authentic. The technology of evolution is likewise valid. the way i glance at it fairly is whilst technology can tell me how long god’s day is i visit totally have faith in evolution.