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Can a Stafford Loan be used to pay my apartment’s rent if I live in Brazil and study online?

The situation is this:

– I’m American

– I will be studying in an American ONLINE community college )(Yes, fully regionally accredited in California)

– I will be LIVING in BRAZIL 4 months per year

Can I use my Stafford Loan to pay my apartment’s rent in Brazil or other living expenses while in Brazil??? If it’s not allowed and I do it, will they find out???

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business as usual

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Yes, you can because it’s considered a living expense which is an acceptable way to spend your student loan. It sounds exciting…good luck!

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Yes, student loans and aid can be used for books, transportation, housing, tuition, and personal expenses.

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I guess that you technically could do it, though I dont think it is acceptable, that’s for sure. nice way to get a long vacation paid for.