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Identity Theft? Sallie Mae Foundation?

i got a letter in the mail yesterday, and it says that i got a student loan from the sallie mae foundation ($12000) and that they already sent it to the university (simpson University) last week (i only got it yesterday? whats up with that?). It also says that i signed something, but i never signed anyhthing like that. i am also 17 yearsold and i havent gradated high school yet!! the letter got my address and phone number right, but they spelled my name wrong.

what should i do? is this a scam? but the university and the foundation are real… im soooo scared!!

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don’t plagiarize

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do all of the above. also contact the university financial aid office and tell them do not disburse the funds. tell them what you told us. call Sallie Mae. they have a toll free phone number. they should have also said in the letter what financial institution actually made the loan. contact that financial institution as well

it may be an honest mistake. the person with the name similar to yours, the way it is spelled, may be attending the university and may have applied for the loan. the lender ran a credit report, and it came back with the wrong ssn or wrong address. do not panic, but check it out with all of the entities


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If what you say is real you need to contact the SS office nearest you. You also need to contact the THREE different credit reporting agencies for 2 different things..first tell them to put a 6 month BLOCK on your SS number (this will make it so that ALL information received with your SS# contacts YOU personally to be able to do any big transactions) Secondly get a credit report If you are a victim of ID theft, the reports are free to get.

You need to notify you parents or guardian about this too. You will also need to make a police report, when you do, don’t expect the police to really be helpful, because they most times don’t care about ID theft…it isn’t something that they can really trace easily and no one is physically threatened…even so, you need to get them involved.