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Affording college?

I come from a middle class American family. I have a twin brother (we’re 17) and a little brother who’s nearly 15.

Here’s the thing: I want to go away to college. But my parents seem to think that we, in no way, can afford to send me away. My twin brother really has no educational plans, so he’s probably going to go to the community college…

But here’s the other thing: My boyfriend’s sister is going to the University of Michigan (we live in Michigan), and they’re getting by. They don’t have any more money than we do (and don’t say, “How do you know?” because I know or esle I wouldn’t be saying this).

It seems like my boyfriend is going to go to U of M, also. And his family is very educationally aware.

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Talk to your guidance councilor now about your options – she or he should have information on grants, loans and scholarships for which you can apply.

If your guidance councilor is only of limited help, go to the biggest library nearby and ask the reference librarian for guidance.

Target your schools and talk to their financial aid offices about any help available.

Do your parents work for large companies or the state government? Find out if there are scholarships for children of employees. Ditto if your mom or dad are veterans, belong to social or business organizations, etc.

Go to the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid web site: http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/

They’ve got loads of resources there on federal programs.

Good luck! If you want it, you can get it girl!!!


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Obviously your parents simply cannot afford it, So get yourself a job and use your own money to make up the difference.

Another option is to get student loans, go see your School Guidance Counselor when you return to school and they can give you the information you need.

There is nothing wrong with going to the community college for the first two years and then switching over to the university for the last two.

Don’t lay it all on your folks as they also have your twin to take care of educationally ,as well as your younger sibling. Be thankful they are able to help you with your School costs at all.

Best of luck to you


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try doing some research first…contact your H.S. guidance office and see what is available…contact the Financial Aid office at the college, they will have info…check your own local organizations, i.e. Rotary, Lions clubs etc to see what they offer…use the Internet to learn about 1) parent loans 2) student loans through FAFSA…If you are interested in an “in-state” school; you should be able to get the cost way down by using these methods and others that the schools will suggest… good luck and work you @ss off when you get there, partying is fine and fun but never forget why you are there..

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You should talk with your guidance consular about possible scholarships and loans you can qualify for. Have your parents also talk with your guidance consular. Also contact FAFSA for grants & loans.

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Wyandotte Hen
Students loans!

Work study program!

You can do it.

If your grades are really good your senior year, you can start taking college credit classes then.