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I need YOur Homework HELP!!!ASAP PLZZ?

I have a Social Studies Essay and i need to fill in questions will u help me its about the AZTECS!!!the Questions are the Following

-What Are The Main Gods Of The Aztecs?

-Why aRe the the main gods?

-How DId The Aztecs Sacrifice?

-Why Did they Sacrifice?

-Did The Aztecs Religion contribute to there Downfall?


-Were they still just an agricultural group?

-How Does that help or hurt them?


-Did this have anything to do with religion?

-Was this more important than a regular play-type sport?

E.Daily Life

-How were people divided Socially?



Did ther treatment have to do anything with there Downfall

I.War with people of the region

-Against Who?






K.How were they Conquerd(Colonial Period)

-Conquerer’s name and country


-How?why were they unable to to defeat Europeans?What did the Europeans (Spanish) have that the aztecs didnt?Why did the aztecs have thos advantages?

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I can help you with some of it:

What Are The Main Gods Of The Aztecs?

The Aztec’s main god was HUITZILOPOCHTLI

Why aRe the the main gods? (I think you mean who are the 3 main gods

The Three main Gods of the Aztec are: HUITZILOPOCHTLI, TLALOC and QUETZALCOATL

How DId The Aztecs Sacrifice?

Their Gods


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sandy m
I typed “all about aztecs” into Ask.com and this is what I got


Looks like you can find all your answers there.

Good luck and have fun!


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Feis Ort
Google it.