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May Hegglin

EFC..Why did it triple?

My EFC was originally 1013, then all of a sudden it tripled to 3030. Nothing has changed. What the heck happened? Can I get a loan for my books and lab fees?

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A few days ago

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Did you have to turn in paperwork to the financial aid office? Like your tax forms, etc.? If you did it’s possible that a review of that paperwork determined that you either forgot to fill out something or filled out a question incorrectly on the FAFSA. Check with your aid office to determine what the change was so that you won’t make it again. If you didn’t turn in paperwork, call 1.800.4.FED.AID and ask them what made the EFC increase. Only you or the school can make adjustments to your FAFSA data and if neither of you did then there is a problem somewhere that needs corrected.