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UC Financial Aid student with no income how much?


Does anyone know how much money (pell/cal grant + money from UCI/financial) I would get if I plan on attending UC Irvine if I am independent (my parents don’t claim me) and I make less than $20,000 yr but I recently lost my job and I am living with my mother. I’m 22…can anyone give an idea of how much I will have to pay out of my pocket to attended a UC? If you are in my situation let me know! Thanks

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First of all, just because your parents don’t claim you does not make you independent for financial aid purposes. When you apply for aid by completing the FAFSA at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov you are required to answer seven ‘yes/no’ questions. They deal with your age, if you are married, if you are a veteran, etc. If you answer ‘yes’ to just one of the questions then you are considered independent and parental information is not required. However, if you answer ‘no’ to all seven then, for financial aid purposes, you are considered a dependent student and will be required to provide you parent’s income and asset information. (Note…age they are looking for is 24.)

Second, there is no way for anyone to tell you how much aid you will qualify for based on the information you provide. The FAFSA asks questions like income and assets, family size, home state of residence, number of family in college, grade level, etc. All of this information is taken into consideration when determining your aid eligibility. The best way to find out what you are eligible to receive is to apply at the FAFSA website. Then, when the results are sent to the school, the aid office will determine the type of aid and amount you are eligible to receive based on guidelines established by the school, the state, and the feds. Apply and see what happens…


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