My Job


Every one must work in order to sustain his basic and secondary needs. I work with a grocery store which is near a post office and this makes it possible for me to work with both the post office unit and the store, I server two masters which is sometimes difficult for me to meet my employers needs but I still love my job. I love my job because for one I am able to meet my basic needs and also I can afford to do something with the extra money I get and also do some savings, besides money my job involves meeting with many people in a day and co workers are very supportive.

My job is to place orders and to check the delivery at the grocery store which is next to the post office subunit, I loved my job and each day has its own new experience, I work as a supervisor and I have a lot of duties to attend to, I report to work at 7 am before all the workers, my first duty is to check any stock in the store that need to be ordered, if any I have to place orders by calling the suppliers.

This first duty takes about thirty minutes when the other workers start to arrive, I have to register the workers and start supervising the cleaning process in the store. The rest of the day involves supervising the delivery of the goods and also making sure that consumers who visit the store are satisfied with the services and the goods they collect.

My Job

Unusual things:

One of the most unusual things with my job is that the post office workers also order goods from the store whereby I have to deliver them on time, on the same case I have to visit the post office for the purpose of sending checks and other transaction documents to the suppliers of the store. I am always on my way to or from the post office either delivering goods to the post office or sending cheques or other transaction documents to the suppliers. Therefore a large part of my day is spent walking form the post to the store or the store to the post office.

I spend most of time in the post office as the store job needs only little attention, I have some friends in the post office who I help with their work during the day, I spend most of time sorting mails for the purpose of ease distribution, this mails are sorted and classified depending on the location they are to be sent to.

The other unusual thing about my job is that I don’t need to go home to check my letters, I simply find the letters in the post office unit when I am sorting this letters, when I am not around the workers at the post office deliver this letters to me, therefore I read my mails on time and if I was to send mails I make sure my mails are delivered the same day, I make sure by writing a letter when the mail van arrives and I am informed about the next destination, through this information I am in a position to communicate with my relatives and friends frequently through mails.


My Job

I love my job whereby serve both the store and post office unit, I love my job due to the fact thati have to serve both the post office and the store which give me enough funds to meet my needs, I also love working at the post office because my mails are delivered on the same day and I receive my mails on time. The other amazing thing is that I spend most of my day walking from the store to the post office or the post office to the store due to the various transactions I have to complete in a day because both businesses are correlated and non can exist without the other.