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Job discrimination in the US is mainly into divisions one being on bases of gender and the other being on bases of race. The race issue has been a topic for long and we remember such as the great Martin Luther died still talking of racism and hated every moment that the blacks were treated as if they were half beings. (Ezorsky 1991)This was the blacks but still other races such as the Mexicans the Indians and other races not original identified with the American history have been subjected to discrimination. Talking of discrimination it is not only on individuals against others but is also seen in the corporate world even to date. This is especially when corporate heads think that white men are better leaders than black leaders, this just being one of the many examples available.

On issue of gender this mainly applies in such jobs as industrial or manufacturing jobs where women are considered unable to carry on the processes. This is despite the fact that they may have the same or even better qualifications than their male counterparts. (Ezorsky 1991). This presents a challenge to those who hire to look beyond gender and look deeper into the brains of individuals as it is only that which indicates the potential of these individuals.

In security sectors or in the security fields the race issue is not as contentious as the gender issue. Most security forces are of the opinion that men can do a better job than a woman in as far as securing the nation is concerned. This to me is a long standing stereotype and is just a discrimination factor which denies our women a chance to serve this great nation.

On affirmative action I personally think it is not time to get rid o it in the corporate or business world as there are still traces of discrimination in terms of gender or race which are the subjects of affirmative action. (Green et al 2009). I think its time affirmative action becomes the order of the day to secure the society and to ensure opportunities are presented equally to all on bases of being occupants of this great nation.

US jobs


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