Professional Knowledge and Abilities


Developing professional knowledge and abilities can have a major impact in an individual’s career and success. This will contribute to the person’s career by enhancing their knowledge in the different fields of professionalism and acquiring vast information related to that area of expertise. Many professionals seek success in their different careers, but its definition differs from one person to another. There are several factors when possessed and observed by individuals can contribute to achieving career success.

Career success

A person’s desire to succeed and having a positive attitude towards life builds a strong foundation to an individuals work and life and sequentially upon their career. Enthusiastic and positive minded people work well with other subordinate colleagues and even managers. This trait has to be worked on and similarly, motivation and determination makes professional succeed through difficult projects and situations. Knowledge is very important because it helps an individual to develop capacity in solving problems. When the knowledge is converted into a professional or educational qualification through effort and determination, colleagues and the employer will appreciate the knowledge capacity of that individual to manage required or specific tasks assigned (Franck, 2008). Career success is also enhanced through acquiring additional professional qualifications like a university degree. These qualifications can help individuals’ secure high positions in their career ladder, but also can be limiting without them. Undertaking a Masters degree from a field relevant to a person’s qualification, is usually perceived to kick start their careers in having updated professional techniques in one’s area of professionalism. General knowledge is also important in developing careers and abilities by communicating with non-technical people or clients to get their different views and approaching their needs like an expert. Skills are adequately crucial to career development through developing a variety of aptitudes that will aid a person tackle daily work routine and be

Professional Knowledge and Abilities

successful in dealing with situations. It will help a professional develop different strategies and techniques to handle different situations as they arise. Other attributes may include experience, balance, career planning and management, networking, mentoring, luck or ethics.

American Public Health Association

This association is based in Washington, DC and is a professional organization whose members are health professionals in the U.S. American Public Health Association (APHA), is tasked to protect Americans and the general community from health threats, preventable diseases and strive to make sure that the community is healthy through promotion and prevention actives that are accessible to citizens of United States. Being a Health Physician, this organization would help me learn from the professionals in this field of Public Health through exceptional research practices that will build upon my career (Kidd, 2002). Discovering new and enhanced public health services and products will provide a more convenient platform to cater for patients in different situations and emerging issues. Experience in this knowledge would be shared with my colleagues to improve medical practices and ensuring general health of the community. My career in practicing medicine would be greatly enhanced pushing my professionalism to greater heights and competencies.


Developing abilities and professional knowledge is vital in every professional field and should be adopted by organizations, managers and personnel to strive in ensuring service or product quality to clients.

Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Professional Knowledge and Abilities


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