Holdings of Professional Positions Master of Counseling Graduates


Counseling is one of the most important courses that one can take because it helps an individual to help others who may have social, educational, and behavioral deficits. All the individuals who are trained as professional counselors help the individuals who are challenged to develop and attain their full potential. Successful master graduates in professional counseling are capable of working well with other individuals and clients, communicating effectively with the clients, working in ambiguous situations, handling individuals as they are, etc. The whole process of professional counseling is aimed at developing individuals so that they can attain their full potential. Counseling professionals are trained in many different categories and each individual graduate specializes in one line and deals with problems that relate to challenges in that one line. Some of the lines of specialization include mental health, teaching, etc. and the individual posses knowledge that will help them attend to challenges that fall in their own line.


Master graduates in professional counseling are individuals who are competent in offering the services that they have been trained to offer. The master graduates in professional counseling are expected to meet individuals from different cultural backgrounds and they are expected to show competency in dealing with these individuals (Peterson, 2001). Taking an example of an individual who has taken a masters course in teaching counseling, the professional is expected to show competency in offering services relating educational barriers. The individual should help the students who may not be in a capacity to perform well so that the student develops his or her skills to the maximum and is capable of attaining his or her full potential. These are individuals who are trained in dealing with any form of barriers to academic development and therefore they will deal with all the diverse cases in education.


Holdings of Professional Positions Master of Counseling Graduates

Master graduates in professional counseling are individuals who are capable of performing research that relates to client’s challenges and eventually come up with the relevant solutions to these challenges. The training that master graduates receive in colleges is thorough and competent. The professional is therefore expected to perform the best research and analyze the results where these results are expected to give him or her solutions to the problem in hand (Peterson, 2001). The knowledge of dealing with the challenges that the professionals acquire in class will help them tackle any sort of issues that relate to their profession. In addition, the master graduate is also capable of performing competent research relating to the counseling profession. At one time or the other, a weird case may arise and the professional may not have studied on how to attend to such a case. The knowledge at hand may also not be enough to effectively attend a client with such an exceptional case. Under such a circumstance, the master graduate is expected to use the techniques he or she learnt in class to look for solutions to such a case and come up with a solution that will help the client attain his or her full potential.


The master graduates in professional counseling are individuals who are committed to professional development so as to be able to deal with the diverse cases that are arising with the dawn of each new day (Peterson, 2001). The individuals are given competent training that allows them to attend to various cases that fall in their different lines of specialization. These individuals are also trained to show commitment in dealing with the clients. Some cases that the master graduates are expected to tackle are a bit challenging and without commitment, the professional may give up easily. For example, a teaching professional counselor may meet a case of a student who understands practically nothing and whatever the student learns today he or she cannot recall the following day. Some of the students may even be rude to the teacher but the teacher has to sacrifice and show commitment in all her undertakings. The master professionals do not give up under any circumstances as commitment is their guiding principle which helps them attain their goals.


The master professionals in counseling are held accountable in all the actions that they take

Holdings of Professional Positions Master of Counseling Graduates

relating to their profession (Theodore, 2006). They are trained thoroughly so that they could be accountable in the way that they deal with the clients. Accountability is very important when one is dealing with individual lives. This helps in the improvement of the services that the master graduates gives to the clients. As long as one will be held accountable for the actions that he or she takes in the profession, he or she will be committed so that he or she gives the best services. In addition to accountability, the master graduates are professionals who should be reflective on the work that they have previously done. This helps them in solving cases that may be similar to cases that have been solved before and also helps in avoiding mistakes that have been committed before.


Master graduates in professional counseling posses certain attributes that act as their guidelines in performing their career. The training that is given to these master graduates helps them in attending to challenges that fall in the different lines in their profession. Successful master graduates in professional counseling are competent individuals who trust themselves and the services that they offer to the clients. The professionals are also expected to have the capacity to perform research that relates to the client’s challenges and perform some professional research that will help then analyze the results of the research and come up with the best solutions to the client’s challenges. The master graduates are individuals who are committed in performing their responsibilities and are accountable for any course of action that they take which appertains to the client’s challenge. Those master graduates that posses thee characteristics are the ones that give the best services to their clients and help in improving the overall performance of the client while at the same time helping the client attain their full potential.


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Holdings of Professional Positions Master of Counseling Graduates

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