Quickly Improve Kids Writing – Ideas For How to Make Reading Fun

When we think about ways to help our kids develop quickly, we often think about educational toys. But it is also true that there are many fun ways to encourage creativity in kids. Let’s face it, kids don’t have the same level of technology as we do. They need to be inspired by real-life experiences. Here are some fun ways to help your children easily improve their writing skills:

Make it fun for them to write.

When a child gets excited about an idea, he or she is more likely to use the words that come to mind. Activities that involve hands-on activity with a lot of movement and physical contact along with free-hand painting or sketching can also be very fun.

Have a “word of the day” that gets asked to be read aloud. Kids love to read aloud so make it a “read aloud” activity so they can see how other people are responding to it. They will also learn the sounds that words make and this can help with their pronunciation.

Have words with pictures.

Pictures makes words easier to understand. Use simple pictures like a cat in a diaper or an apple on a banana tree. Use creative pictures that make it fun for your children to imagine what the word is talking about. Try to find pictures that can be associated with a particular word. For example, “dog” can be associated with a dog’s tail or “cat” can be associated with a pretty pink cat.

Read to your children.

The best way to teach them how to pronounce words is to actually hear them being pronounced. Teach them to listen carefully to you as you talk. If you are reading from a book, read along with them as if you were a child. Use the dictionary and add in your own words to see how close your child can get to pronounce the words correctly.

Play games that let them use their fingers.

Older children can enjoy making words come out of a bottle using different colored syringes. This will encourage quicker understanding of words, since they can see how letters are made out of objects.

Be sure to keep a pen and paper handy.

As your child is learning new words, record their first attempts at pronouncing the words. Pick out three or four of their best ones and start playing with them. Keep a pen nearby to write down their mistakes. Show your child that you are interested in learning how to do the same thing. You will likely want to try to practice your child’s mistakes more than your own during this process.

Finally, give your child some space and let them do their own work.

Kids love having their own space so give it to them. They may even pick up on your own habits. Quickly improve kids writing skills by allowing your child to make the mistakes. You will both be learning.

Make sure you are consistent in encouraging your child.

Praise and reward good writing but don’t let them take over the lessons. Once you recognize good habits, they will be more likely to continue them. Your child needs to feel as though they are important and valued.

Games are a great way to make learning fun.

Fill in the blanks or create new words by combining existing words. Play games that make it seem like they are having a great time. They will enjoy drawing or coloring pictures. Make a game out of their writing. Allow them to make a simple story about a friend or family member.

If your child wants to practice writing without the fun, why not give them a creative writing package.

The Narnia Pack comes with a set of over 300 words plus a worksheet, diagram, colorful pens, and story book. The package also comes with an activity book for kids to use when they are writing. It includes words associated with each chapter of the Narnia books as well as a poem. This kit is sure to provide hours of creative fun for kids.

Some Ideas for Making Writing More Enjoyable

Now that you have some ideas for making writing more enjoyable, try to find time to practice. You can read to your child, play board games together, or take a trip to the local library to borrow books on writing. If you put in the work to keep their minds stimulated, they will be more willing to work on their writing.

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