MLA Format Research Papers

There are many research paper formatting styles and amongst the most common we have include MLA format, APA format, oxford format and Harvard format. However, instractors are fond of asking students to complete research papers using either the APA format or the MLA format. This is because this two referencing styles are easy to use and make it easier for the end user of the MLA style papers or APA style papers to read and understand the text and infer the references. When it comes to the MLA style papers, there are a few guidelines which must be observed. Some flexibility may be allowed as far as MLA format research papers are concerned but before making adjustments, it is always wise to confirm with your instructor.

MLA style papers should be double spaced and all around the text, we should have single inch margins. When completing a research paper using the MLA format, many students often go ahead to include a title page. It should be noted that as far as MLA style papers are concerned, a title page is not necessary.

However, when it comes to identifying the sources of all the works you have used, the MLA citation guide dictates that you use both in text citation and works cited section. In text citations appear in the text and they should contain the author’s name followed by the page number of the book or publication you sourced your work from. The works cited section is a list of all he in text citations but with all the relevant details. It should be noted that all the in text citations must appear in a detailed way at the works cited section. The reverse is true. It is important to note that in cases where your source does not have a page number, then the parenthetical reference should contain the paragraph number. This is in cases where the source is a web page.

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