APA Citation Style

APA citation style is a style of referencing and writing in text citations in research papers which was established by the American Psychological Association. An APA style paper requires that there be a full citation which is written in the reference list for each in-text citation. Though the APA writing style can be used in writing research papers in all disciplines of study, it is used mainly in writing research papers in the social sciences.

The American Psychological Association provides an APA publication manual. This manual gives guidelines in various aspects of writing research papers. These include guidelines on how to choose an appropriate topic for the research, ways on how to evaluate the information sources to use and effective and relevant note taking. The APA publication manual in addition gives the way to format a research paper, how to make citations and covers the aspect of plagiarism. When making in text citations in the APA style paper, the details of the author, the date the material was published are written immediately following the cited text and are placed in parenthesis.

Sometimes a student may want to write a quote directly as it appears in the original source. For such a quote, the quote is given in quotation marks together with the details of the author that is the surname only and the date the material was published. Some quotes can be long for instance longer than 40 words. Such quotes are not given in quotation marks but rather the quote is indented five spaces from the margin. For such a quote, the author’s details are given followed by the year, and then the quote which is started in a new line and the page where the quote was extracted is given at the end and in brackets.

There are some cases where the reference is a known company/firm. This is given in full during the first citation and initials used for other citations. According to the APA publication manual, if in a reference list there are two or more reference materials that are written by the same author and in the same year, the year is given followed by small letter alphabets when making in text citations. When writing references, they are started on a fresh page at the end of the research paper. This section is titled references with the word aligned centre and it is not formatted at all.

A reference has different sections, that is: the author details, the title of the reference and the publication details which include the publisher and the place of publication. When writing an APA style paper, these different sections are punctuated by a period. In an APA style paper, the references are arranged in an alphabetical order. For a single author reference, the APA style paper should be written with the last name first followed by the time of publication, the title and then the publication details in the order place and the publisher.

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The APA style paper requires that the writer writes all the names of the authors up to seven authors. Unlike in other writing style papers where the word and is used, the APA style paper uses & to connect the name of the last author and the preceding. If you have any problems writing an APA style paper you will get help from us. We follow all the standard rules and deliver quality APA style papers.