Thesis Writing

Thesis writing is done by university students to support their candidature for a degree. Thesis writing normally involves conducting of research on a particular issue or topic and presenting the findings. Thesis writing can follow different structures depending on the field of study and the institution of learning. However typical thesis writing will include the following as part of its structure: abstract, introduction chapter, methods section, data analysis and presentation section, findings and discussion, conclusion and recommendations, list of reference and appendices. An abstract in thesis writing will contain a brief summary of what has been covered in the thesis paper. It is usually written as a single paragraph. Though the abstract comes first in a thesis paper it should be written last as it should contain a summary of the whole thesis writing process.

The introduction chapter is where the challenging task of thesis writing begins. The introduction chapter may contain the problem statement or the thesis statement. The problem statement is a brief description of issues that need to be addressed in the thesis writing process. The problem statement may contain the thesis statement. What may also be included in the introduction chapter is the thesis literature review. Literature review in thesis writing involves consulting other materials to see what other authors have written concerning your thesis topic. This is what gives many thesis writers a headache. Literature review writing involves presenting other peoples’ ideas and therefore knowledge in citation and referencing is mandatory in thesis writing.

The writer should also know the referencing style recommended by his/ her institution or for his/ her field of study. For example the APA style citation literature review is recommended for those in the field of psychology. To write significant literature review one needs to consult as many materials as possible to get different angles of his thesis writing topic. A dissertation literature review should also be should be well organized. The method section in thesis writing explains the techniques that were used in the research process. It may include an explanation of the data collection and data analysis methods used. The finding and discussion section will present the outcome of the research and try to explain the reason behind the outcome.

The conclusion and the recommendation section mark the end of the thesis writing process. The conclusion section try to review the whole research work and also asserts whether the authors argument have been proved or disapproved by the research. The recommendation bit suggests solution to the issues contained in the problem statement based on the findings of the research.

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