PhD Thesis

PhD thesis is written by PhD students in fulfillment of requirements for the award of a PhD degree. PhD thesis must contribute new knowledge or make positive developments to the relevant field of study. A PhD thesis should also be original and should involve discovery of new facts. PhD thesis writing is usually preceded by PhD thesis proposal writing.

A PhD thesis proposal is a clearly laid down work plan to be followed when writing a PhD thesis. To get started on PhD writing decide the title. A good PhD topic should be focused, achievable using available resources and should be one that can be completed within the stipulated time. Structure of a PhD thesis may differ from one learning institution to another or from one academic field to the other.

However, a typical PhD thesis must contain; an abstract, introduction, problem statement, literature review, methods, result presentation, discussion and conclusion, regardless of where they are placed. An abstract gives a brief summary of what has been covered in the PhD thesis. The introduction part explains the topic, the area of study and the scope of study. The problem statement communicates to the reader the issues that the PhD thesis seeks to solve.

Literature review section contains information of what other literature have said about the issues being addressed in your PhD thesis. A thesis literature review survey scholarly materials such book, journal, past thesis papers and other sources relevant to the study issue. There are different expectations for masters’ thesis literature review and PhD thesis literature review. A PhD thesis requires a significant literature review that is thoroughly researched. Information in a PhD thesis literature review should also be well organized and well cited.

The citation style used should be consistent through out the PhD thesis and should conform to the institution’s local rules of citation. For example, an APA citation literature review should use the author/ date system through out its text and a list of reference at the back of the PhD thesis paper. Students can now get literature review help from the internet by viewing the available sample literature reviews and literature review guides. Students can also buy literature review from online custom writing companies.

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The method section is also an important part of a PhD thesis. This section explains the methods used in the PhD thesis research, for example sampling methods, methods of data collection and data analysis. A typical PhD thesis also contains a section on presentation of results. The findings of a PhD thesis research are presented in this section through various modes such tables, graphs and charts.

The discussion section contains detailed explanation and interpretation of results. The reason behind obtain such results are explained in the discussion section of the PhD thesis paper. The conclusion section gives a brief summary of what has been covered in the thesis paper and also assert whether the author’s objectives were met by the PhD thesis research. Student with difficulties can also consult custom writing companies to get thesis help. There are many online custom writing companies that offer affordable thesis to students. Students can buy literature review and PhD thesis from these companies.