Graduate Papers

Being a research paper, a graduate paper is written by students as a requirement subject to graduation. A graduate paper is written in the student’s specialization area and it should meet the requirements of the college or university. A graduate paper can be written at the completion of a short course or a seminar that a student enrolls in or can be a supervised research. When a student writes a graduate paper as a supervised research, it is taken as a two semester work prior to graduation. When writing a graduate paper, a student should follow the required format.

A graduate paper requires the problem statement which tells what the student will be researching on. The study objectives in a graduate paper tell the aims of the research for example ‘to test the amount of zinc, lead and cadmium metals in vegetables grown around cement manufacturing industries in USA.’ The next step in writing a graduate paper is to give the significance which shows the relevance of the study to the student and the community. The literature review explains in details the main points and sub points in relation to the research title. This gives all the literature and information that is crucial according to the purpose of the research. It is also important to give the methods used in data collection when writing a graduate paper and also to analyze the collected data.

Data in a graduate paper can be analyzed qualitatively or quantitatively depending on the aims of the research. After analyzing the data, the next key thing for a student to do is to interpret it and see if it gives any significance to the research and the community as well. A student carrying out a research should as well give conclusions and recommendations in the graduate research paper. Conclusions are drawn from the analyzed data for example based on the data; a student can conclude that vegetables grown around cement manufacturing industries are not fit for human consumption.

Recommendations in a graduate paper include the actions that can be taken based on the obtained data. Since it is not possible to look at all possible factors when researching and writing a graduate research paper, students also give recommendations for further studies on their area of research. For example they can recommend the use of other methods of data collection and analysis which can be more efficient.

Citing the reference materials at end of the graduate research paper and giving appendices is also important. The appendices section in a graduate paper gives explanations to any new, uncommon or specialized words used in the research paper report. Apart from the graduate research paper, the graduate term paper is another type of a graduate paper only that the term paper is written in duration of one term or semester. The graduate essay is also similar to the graduate research paper but the essay is brief while the research paper is extensive.

Graduate Papers

Graduate dissertations or graduate thesis are written by students in support of their candidature for the award of a degree. When writing graduate papers becomes difficult for students due to varied reasons like limited time, they buy graduate papers from custom writing companies. However, students should ensure that they buy graduate papers from legitimate writing companies to avoid buying plagiarized graduate papers. This also ensures that they present quality graduate papers.