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In collegiate biological classes, tutors often require their students to know how to write biology papers, be it an essay form or a research paper format. The students are required to write these papers in an appropriate format and style. However, the writing of biology papers is not something that a student just happens to know. In order to write good scientific biology papers a student should learn about the features of biology papers and how to go about the actual writing of any biology paper.

Before reviewing the features of biology papers and writing of a biology paper, probably the student should first learn about the format of a biology paper. Biology papers should be written in font size 11, Times New Roman and the line spacing should be 1.5. Page margins should be maintained at one inch all round and the author’s last name and page number should always appear on the upper right corner of the paper. The title of the paper should be bold and with a font size of 14.

The features of biology papers should include the following sections: an abstract, methods and materials section, results, discussion, conclusion and references. The abstract section should be shorter than any other parts of the paper. It should offer the general background for the subject; briefly tell about the experiment, the general methodologies applied as well as the conclusion that was made after the analysis and discussion of results. This section of biology papers should be brief and concise so as to enable the reader to quickly develop a clear picture of the whole paper.

The abstract should be written in past tense when describing activities undertaken. This section of biology papers is followed by the introduction that briefly introduces the experiment and other previous related researches and literary material that may have formed the foundation for the subject. The thesis statement or any postulations should be enshrined within the last part of the introductory paragraph in all biology papers. The review of previous works related to the subject should be placed after the thesis statement.

The materials and methods section describes the step-by-step procedure that is to be followed in conducting the research or experimentation as well as the materials, tools and equipments used. However, too much detailing of activities within the methodology should not be done. The results section should details the results plainly as they were observed and recorded. This can be done in graphs or charts. The results should be well described and the reader of the biology

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paper should be directed towards the most significant results.

The discussion section of biology papers should summarize the results obtained and the analysis results as well as the significance of the obtained results. Within this section of biology papers the author should state whether any assumptions and hypotheses stated were rejected as a result of the analysis. If these were rejected the author should try and find significance in other biological literary works that may explain why the hypothesis was rejected.

Finally, biology papers should be concluded with a conclusion section that reviews the whole process whilst stating its general significance and potential application in biology. This final section of biology papers should be followed by a reference section that lists all the references that may have been used in the process.