Creating A Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a single sentence written at the end of the introductory section of any written assignment paper. It is usually the last sentence in the introduction paragraph. Several types of papers such research papers and essays require a thesis statement which should be clear. It is also essential for the statement to clearly state the role of the paper or the writer’s stand regarding the topic of a research paper or essay paper. Moreover, it should be precise and clear so that it can give the reader the intended message. There are several points that are worth remembering when writing thesis statement and students are advised to take note of these key points.

One of the key points is that it is essential for a thesis statement to be comprehensible and clear. This means that the statement should clearly communicate the intended message to the audience or reader. The other point is that a thesis statement should not be too long. A long thesis statement tends not to communicate an understandable message. It is also important for students to remember that a thesis statement is written at the introduction section of any given academic paper.

The most common academic papers that require thesis statements are research papers, proposals, term papers and even essay papers. All these papers should have a thesis statement that clearly gives the role of the paper or briefly says what is contained in the body of the given academic paper. Originality is essential when writing a thesis statement. It is essential to come up with original ideas and not to copy someone else’s ideas when writing a thesis statement. Copying leads to writing of plagiarized thesis statements that lead to scoring low grades. Creativity and objectivity are also essential. This means that one should come up with a thesis statement that is both objective and creative.

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