Child Labour

According to the custom and law child labour is involving child in the working which are under age of between 5-7 years old`

Commonly some children are forced to be waiters in restaurants while others in dedious jobs such as stocking in an industry ,shoes polishers and hawkers in the street while others in premises where they are hidden away from officials labourers to avoid procecution and and also media writers.

In additional there also military use of children which is involving a child in prostitution


Internationally,childright is economically explaited;so is highly protected by states where hazardous works age difers and education interruption ofschooling of the child which causes lack of social development ,physical or mental healthy exclusively of schoolwork and householdworks.

Age differs according to each country ,which is determined by the law and parental consents.

Child Labour


Poor countries;under 4years child is accepted to work while in developed countries is seriously prohibited


IN these countries child labour was allowed as a source of basic needs to a family .

In poor countries or growing countries children were given long or short term means of income hence this made a bridge of those with money and those without, which was highly apprecited due to earning and attraction for a child to like schooling if he or she didn’d like it.

Accordind to kaushlik basu and pham huang .

in 1998 in a recorded review noted that childlabaour was caused by PARENTAL POVERTY ,he commented that this law to used with reasonable situations applied.


In a place called Bangladesh,a, child with 14 years and below should not work according to their law. although they ignore it achild with 11years worked for atleast 20hours aday in

accompany called target and walmart of sweartshop items where they were paid 6and halve per cent in item

Child Labour

According to UNICEF records there were about 5000 and abouve Nepalese children in bagladesh garment industry dismissed,left jobless and therefore restorted being prostitutes,streetbeggers and others in quarry to crash stones

It was seen that instead of this to help achild ,it left them with life consequences instead of uplifting them for future life.

INrecords on 2005 early November about 480 children were resecued by JUNNED KHAN an activist helped by police in factories involving child labour in zaric work.


Young children of less than nine years were found and questioned by reporters from UK INVESTIGATIVE UNIT ,a child from west Bengal ,by thename JAVA L claimed how boys were seriously beaten in an indusriyy producing kid clothes in Indian ,being overworked for more than 16 hours a day with no payment.

IT was registered by an author friedman Milton and also an educator of CHICAGO UNIVERSITY ,although it was also called empirical evidence and market fundamentalism according to journalist ,.whereas before revolution activities of industries ,FRIEDMAN quoted that children moved to factories from agriculcural sectors.

Child Labour

IN that it was declayed that every child to be sent to school henced caused parent a hard time to carter basic needs to their family.


This company in Liberia claimed to dismiss a case in law court at INDIANAPOLLS ON JUNE 26 2007 FOR IT HAD increased wages to the labourers whereas these workers involved even their children to work in company so as to get more income for a better living stardard.

After two years, November 2005 ,a law was restricted agnastist child.