Research Proposal

A research proposal is a document that provides a whole overview of a research that you wish or intent to be accepted and hence it should have convincing support of why you need to do some research in a certain topic. The research proposal should also explain on the way you carry out your research and the value of this work.

The difference between a research proposal and a project proposal is that a research proposal contains a lot of literature reviews and that it addresses the issue of conducting a particular project, academic or scientific research. For example if you want to write a research proposal on bee keeping in a certain area, you have to illustrate the key issues of bee keeping in your proposal and how you carry out your research on bees. You must have an idea in bee keeping like the types of hives, areas where bee hives are sitated and how bee keeping products have assisted the farmers in that area.

Research proposal writing has been administered in many areas of research including doctoral dissertations which must begin with a research proposal. This research proposal must be accepted by panel expertise professors so that the actual research is conducted. This may not be an easy task because acceptance of a doctoral research proposal results in awarding a certificate in that field of research so that he/she can get the title of philosophy of doctorate (PhD).

When determining the research proposal to be accepted, the experts go through the research proposal format right from the title where the researcher should explain simply why he has chosen that certain field to carry the research. They also observe the significance of the research by seeing at the objective of the researcher. The research proposal contains the historical background of the topic that being researched on how it has been an effective topic of research since the past and how will it be of any benefit to the environment or the society. The procedures of carrying the research should be clearly stated in the technical approach part of the research proposal paper and then the abstract gives the summary of the results of the research just before giving all the references of the sources on the bibliography.

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