A Research Paper

A research paper is the final end product of an involving process of research, an in-depth analysis, the evaluation of other sources on the same, the organization of all these and the final presentation of the same.

A research paper is the writers view and opinion on a subject area that clearly shows his or her interests, level of understanding and personality. This is because writing is a form of communication and passing of information to an audience. Every writer has their own style since the writing process is an intricate process.

The main types of research papers are:

Argumentative research paper

Analytical research paper


As the name suggests the writer has an argument on an issue and either supports or criticizes an issue.

It has a thesis statement with a clear introduction showing what side the writer takes and the aim is to effectively persuade the audience on accepting the writer’s viewpoint. If a writer is in

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A Research Paper

support of an issue he will try to paint a very good picture of the same and give all the varied reasons for doing so, the assurance that it is the best alternative and then convince the audience or reader to take their opinion. On the other hand if a writer is against an issue, he will present a very negative picture on the same and expose all its dark sides such that the reader can also dislike it.

This type of research is usually on issues that are debatable and controversial, where people taking different sides are justified to do so.


Just as the name this research paper usually involves analysis of an issue based on facts.

This begins with a question in which one has not taken sides. This is a complete process of evaluation and analysis of the subject matter where the writer paints a complete picture of an issue with evidence and reasons for every point passed across.

A research paper involves:

Choosing a topic to write on

1. The writer has first to identify the topic of research and the reasons for such a topic.

2. Usually the topic chosen should be interesting and challenging to the writer.

3. The writer then identifies the kind of audience to write to

4. The writer must identify the interests of the audience so as to prepare adequately.

5. Actual research is then done

6. This is an analysis and study of the issue using the instruments of research.

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A Research Paper


Here the thesis is divided into introduction, body and the conclusion


This is actual writing

Revising, editing and proofreading

Finally the final copy is printed then presented


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A Research Paper

A research paper is the final end product of an involved process of research involving an in-depth analysis, evaluation of sources, organization and final presentation.

I do take into consideration the issue, problem or concern in your organization as the topic for my research paper. Being a professional organization in research papers, identifying with the clients interests is the next step in designing a research paper for you.

Next adequate research for the research paper is done to make sure that all the necessary research instruments, coupled with critical and creative analysis of the issue to come up with a research paper that is effectively tackles the issue at hand.

Once research for the research paper has been done it is outlined into:

Ø An introduction

Ø A body

Ø A conclusion

This allows for effective discussion of the issue as well as gives a good picture of the research paper.

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A Research Paper

Once this is done, the drafting of the research paper is then done.

I do not stop there but revision, editing and proofreading of the research paper is then done.


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A Research Paper

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These citations also help in further developments and research for better research papers.

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A Research Paper

The fact that I do have great writing styles at hand gives me a better edge to meet all research papers needs. These styles are:

1. MLA for humanities, language and literature research papers.

2. APA for psychology and social sciences research papers

3. Harvard for natural and social sciences research papers

4. Chicago for historical research papers

5. Turabian for historical, humanities and social sciences research papers.

6. Oxford style for scientific papers

7. Vancouver style for medical journals

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