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The New Jersey initiative faculty preparation program is a competitive scholarship program that is designed to assist qualified applicants to earn their masters of Science degree in clinical nursing specialties with additional preparation in education. This program will provide both monetary and academic support to the nurses as they study. The goal of the program is to give support to students who study to become full time nurse faculty members in New Jersey based pre licensure nursing programs. The main motivation of attending the New Jersey nursing initiative program is that I see this as an opportunity to further my education and complete my dream of becoming an advanced practice nurse. I have a wide range of professional and voluntary experiences that are related to teaching and education. I have worked in two magnate hospitals both in the med surg floors. I have for one year worked on a heart failure floor helping patients. Duties include discussing with patients the importance of self management. This is to make the patients have a self monitoring plan. I have also encouraged patients to weigh themselves on a daily basis so that they can be able to identify signs of worsening Heart failure (HF). I have also discussed with patients the issue salt intake encouraging them to limit the amount they take and avoid foods that are processed. I have also assisted the patients to control their fluid intake to 6 cups of fluid per day so as to avoid liquid retention and advised the HF patients to avoid alcohol as they are not supposed to take more than one drink in a day. Exercise is another activity that I have carried out with the patients as it is important for HF patients who are having constant symptoms. These patients are supposed to undertake regular physical exercise so that they can keep their bodies fit. I have also assisted patients in getting the immunization required for influenza and pneumonia. These activities have made me become strong and have increase my determination of helping the sick. They have also motivated me and given me morale to pursue my Masters of Science degree in clinical nursing specialties with additional preparation in education so as to become an advanced practice nurse (Topol, 2007).

I have also worked in med surg unit for five and half years. This department or unit mainly cares for surgical patients like urinary, GYN, colon resection, gall bladder and all other abdominal surgeries. Surgical patients need post operative care. This care begins in the recovery room and it’s made to continue outside the room. For example surgical patients need airway care. This is because most patients have their airway extubated before leaving the operating room and are able to clear the airway later. The patients are not allowed to leave the room until they can clear their airway thus they need proper care. Surgical patients also need care so as to reduce their pain after they become conscious. These patients also need care as they are confused after an operation. The most affected group includes the elderly and this confusion can lead to death. I have also assisted patients in caring for their wounds. This is because

New Jersey

proper care is needed during the operation so as to prevent infection. I also check on their BP variation to ensure that they are healthy. Lastly, I have helped surgical patients by encouraging them to sit up in their beds, move to chairs, making them do exercises according to their medical conditions. This is because when surgical patients sleep throughout; their muscles tend to loose masses thus becoming weak. It is more serious in old people than young people. Proper feeding also helps them recover quickly and prevents muscles from loosing masses so the patients are given food using tubes or through the normal method. I have cared for patients with diabetes to ensure that their glucose level is monitored every one to four hours until the patient awakens and starts to eat. This is because better control of glucose improves the outcome of the operation (Swearingen, 2003).

I have also cared for a person with multiple sclerosis by providing medical attention to them. I would take the patient for medical checkup on bladder functions. This type of patient also needs skin care as their skin can have sores which result from immobility and decrease in sensitivity. One also needs to report to the doctor any skin problem so that the patient can get the right treatment. I have helped a multiple sclerosis patient with his daily activities, for example assisting him in eating and dressing. This was seven years before I became a nurse. I have also continued to help the patient until their death 3 years ago (Swearingen, 2003).

I have also volunteered to assist the elderly in the community. For example, I take my elderly neighbors to do their shopping. I also take them to watch movies. In case they have an appointment with their doctors; I also take them to the hospital for medical check up. This has helped me to learn how to be patient and hardworking and helpful to the society. I in addition have some experience in teaching. In the course of my homecare rotation, I have developed a teaching plan for a teenager and her family who has been diagnosed to be Type 1 diabetic. My career goals are to become an advanced practice nurse and hope that with your assistance, I will realize my goal. I also love to teach the nursing students when they are on my floor and hope that with the assistance from this program, I will be able to be a nurse educator. In conclusion I hope that with my wide range of professional experience in the med surg unit and heart failure floor and the experience I have gained from the voluntary activities I will be able to get a scholarship opportunity in the New Jersey Initiative preparation program to study a master of Science degree in clinical nursing specialties with additional preparation in education and have a chance of becoming an advanced practice nurse. The opportunity will also give me a chance of becoming a nurse educator in the institution. The program has also motivated me to join the institution for a master’s degree thus I have seen this scholarship opportunity to be the best chance to utilize in order to achieve my dreams.(Swearingen, 2003).

New Jersey


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