The Microsoft Company:

I choose the Microsoft Company, this company is one of the largest companies in the United States, this company has annual revenue of over 51 billion US dollars per year, it manufactures software for computers and apart from that it licenses other software developers. The Microsoft Company has an estimated market share of over 90% all over the world and it employs over 80,000 employees all over the world.

The reason why I choose this company is because it acts as a monopoly but in economic terms it cannot be termed as a monopoly, a firm with over 90% of the market share is a large company, I therefore choose this company because of its popularity and also its size and unique products it produces. The other reason why I choose this company is because the company’s products are unique, it does not sell goods in the market but software which arte used by nearly everyone in the world, this company has made our lives easier by developing new and advanced computer software, in case of any changes in their software these changes are felt by each and everyone in the world.

For the purpose of research on this company the data regarding this company is available through the internet. The company also has annual report regarding their advancement in software through the publication of magazines and also other newspapers. Text books are also available regarding this company and these are great sources of information regarding the Microsoft Company. Therefore I choose the Microsoft Company because the company has a wide of sources regarding the company.

Microsoft Company


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