This paper aims at highlighting some of the aspects that are related with the rape and the steps that are employed to punish or prosecute the offenders. Actually rape victims are stigmatized such that some cannot communicate or elaborate fully what happened in the act. Therefore, it is the work of this paper to give out the main procedures that are involved to put down the offender into books knowing very well that rape victims might be young people as well as the elderly.

Rape in broad spectrum can be defined as having sex or carnal knowledge with other partner without his concept. This may include both sexes.


Victimology is a wide topic that can tackle all aspects of crime including rape. In this case, rape is a serious offense that requires necessary measures to deal with the offenders. However, since rape sentence calls for a severe punishment, this crime needs to be addressed from all perspective. In the first pace, the date rape victims are stigmatized because even if they have spouses or fiancés, they could not expect to be harassed sexually. In this case victims are not psychological prepared to face some of the outcomes that may arise as a result of forced sex. Therefore, the victims require psychological healing.


To examine cases of date violence or rape and to investigate the suicidal and other consequence thoughts that may arise of the victims.


Sub problem one

Have you ever been the victim of violence on a date?

Sub problem two

Have you ever been the victim of date rape?

Sub problem three

Do the rape victims got the justice they deserve and if so what are the psychological healing?


In order to have a statistical data on the rape victims I decided to carry out a research on the victims of date rape locally. The procedure was that I had to prepare a questionnaire for interviewing the targeted youth. Furthermore, I had to enquire from the recorded data where the rape victim came from and the conditions on which he or she was raped. Then the number of victims was selected.


According to the statistical data that was collected, it was found that one out of nine female aged between twelve to sixteen years experienced violence or forced sex in the eve of the due


date. This was after carrying out a research on around 60 000 youths in New York. In San Francisco for example, nearly one in nine girls and one fifteen boys reported to be victims of date rape, this was after carrying out a research that covered almost more than 80 000 tenth and twelfth grade girls and boys who were open to give out their views in public schools (109th Annual Convention in San Francisco).

Executive Discussion

Having carried out the research it was realized that most off the victims experienced either violence or rape in the eve of their due date. This stigmatized some of them seriously such that they got psychological trauma that could lead to suicidal outcomes or the victims could attempt to do any action of rooting out that nasty experience in their mind. In the process several youths could start taking dietary pills in order to look less attractive to a similar character in order to avoid another date.

In the process, many young people reported that they tried every kind of rubbish trying to forget the day that mounted to be unforgettable. Due to psychological torture, many victims said to have attempted to over eat or increased their rate of eating in order to curtail the sad experience. However, this resulted to eating disorders and more psychological difficulties. Some of those victims of date strife and rape reported to have lower esteems of self belonging. In this case, they underwent some of the emotional problems such as underrating their emotional well-being and lowering of self-esteem.

According to the report, victims of both forced sex and date violence were more likely to start fasting or taking diet pills, taking more binge than before, vomiting or even taking laxatives that could ease their tempers. However, this was contrally to the peers who did not experience date rape or date violence.



According to the survey, date violence or forced sex can result to significant changes in victim’s life and eventually this can change the psychological health of the victim including mental health. This is a good indicator both to the society and parents at large. The societies that need to address this issue include the legal profession, health professionals, and the teaching profession that sexual abuse on the eve of date may be happening to the youth dating experiences. Dating is experienced by every person in his or her life time and this cannot be ignored.


Having carried out the survey, it is recommended that a solution to date violence or date rape must be founded. This is a vital role to reduce the menace. Therefore, preventive methods need to be employed Wright from adolescence stage. The whole society need to know this and measures to avoid it taken. Therefore, parents, teachers, preachers, legal and psychological professors should be involved.


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