Given the profile for the five employees where there is a need to lay off two workers it is important to consider the education level, their company loyalty, their time with the company and the past performance with the company, these employees are Emma, Ron, Jose, Julie and Bobby, below is a brief description of their profile:

Individual profile:

Emma is aged 32 and have worked with the company for five years, she is an MBA holder from business school, her performance is above average although recently she has some disabilities and will return to work in 18 months, this is a very long period of time and she may not seem to be benefiting the company for this period of time.

Ron is aged 49 and has worked with the company for 11 years, she is a masters degree holder in accounting, his performance is of average and has made right decision in the past whereby he saved the company over $150,000.

Jose is aged 31 years and has worked with the company for four years, his performance has been outstanding and has been very helpful to the company whereby he turns bad debts into revenue, and he is a bachelor degree holder although working for his master’s degree.


Julie is aged 35 years and has worked with the company for seven years, she is a bachelor degree holder and her performance has been of above average, she is a computer systems specialist and at the same time is qualified in accounting.

Finally we have Bobby who is aged 43 years, he is a master’s degree holder he has worked with the company for more than six years, in the past he has sued the company for discrimination and he has been actively looking for another job.

From the above discussion it is important to consider all the factors regarding each individual, first to consider is the number of years each person has worked with the company, the level of education, company loyalty, age, performance and their contribution to the company.

Below is a summary of the five individuals

number of years with  the company


education level






above average

18 months leave





saved company $150,000




bad debts collection




above average

computer specialist




sued company



From the above table it is clear that the employees who should be laid off is Emma and Bobby, Bobby should be laid off because for one he has sued the company in the past and further he is interested in another job with another company, the other person to be laid off is Emma for the simple reason that she is on disability leave and wont report to work until 18 months are over, therefore she wont be productive yet she is being paid.