Clinton, S., &Edward, M. (1997).The role of transport capabilities in international supply chain management. Transport Journal. Spring

The journal talks about the structure of the supply chain and the incorporation of transport capability in the supply chain. The definition of supply chain structure, its benefits is discussed. A supply chain structure signifies the capability of an organization to manage and incorporate many firms and also to control flow of information so as to make the customers get the right services. The supply chain structure is important as it helps the organization to coordinate functions in different organization. This can be within the organization or outside the organization. Incorporating transportation into the supply chain involves making the products to reach the right place at the right time and in good condition. The journal has explained the different transport capabilities that need to be integrated into the supply chain and the benefit of integrating them. These capabilities include time, reliability, standardizing products and processes in the firm, delivery of goods on time, use of information system etc. The journal contains a survey on integrating transportation in supply chain in different firms and the results.


Report on the Commission on Transport and Logistics. (2002, November, 18).

This is a report on the supply chain security. The importance of international transportation and its security is emphasized in the report. The effect of attack of transport by terrorism is discussed and also the effects like delays in cargo transportation. The report contains regulations used to ensure security in supply chain.

John, W. (2008).Report on transport and logistic Wolf

This is report on the importance of transport and logistic in the supply chain.

Verlag, G.()The Nature of Supply Chain Management Research: Insights from a Content Analysis of International Supply Chain Management Literature from 1990 to 2006, page 188

The literatures talks about carrying research in the supply chain management. It starts with defining research problem. The thesis statement is also discussed in the literature. Other parts discussed in the research include data investigation and the methodology used in the research.


Organization for economic cooperation and development.(2002).Transport logistics: shared solutions to common challenges. Volume 772.OECD publishing