Writing A Report

Writing a report is one of the most tasking activities which students are subjected to in their academic pursuits. This is exhibited by the fact that report writing is often carried out after engaging in an academic activity. Under most circumstances, the students tend to forget the objectives and goals of undertaking the said project or task such that chances of straying from the actual report task are rather appealing ideas. This is portrayed by the amount of note taking during academic and field trips after which a report is prepared. Most students will be enthusiastic about note taking during the first few hours or days but after that the efforts are diluted thus resulting in a more or less note taking session.

Thus in this essay we have prepared a helping hand for students who are poor in report writing, as well as, those who are subjected to series of report writing tasks everyday. The guidelines are general for students who are conducting the report writing in any subject as these aspects apply to all report writing tasks.

The very first item that every student should understand is that in report writing, one has to include the exact details of what happened as it is a report of events that have already taken place. Similarly, the other classmates and the lecturer must have been through the same event hence they are conversant with the nature of details which should be included. Therefore, this leaves fewer opportunities of including details that are not related to the task. False details of content in report writing may cause grave losses in grades as the lecturer may think that the student did not participate in the event or else they could be less enthusiastic in their work. Sometimes report writing may be conducted on books such that after reading a particular book the student is asked to prepare a report on the same. This also includes the same element of valid information as the student is not expected to report on any other book rather than the stated one.

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Report writing requires use of accurate sentence structures as well as, appropriate paragraphs which are essential in attaining valid report writing essays. Consequently, the student has to ensure that their grammar flows adequately throughout the paper hence it does not disrupt the content. The accuracy of grammar should however, be enhanced by use of word processors that can point out errors in the language used, tense used and even suggesting the most appropriate words or grammatical elements to use. Errors should be completely eliminated from report writing essays as they distort the intended message. This is important as in the case of book report writing, the student does not use the exact words written by the author but paraphrases the statement while retaining the original meaning.

Report writing is consequently, incorporated as a special task that involves use of details which may have been missed by critiques to bring out a certain point clearly. Hence thorough critical analysis of the book or event that is being reported should be emphasized. This is because most often there are no external sources of information for report writing tasks as al the content comes from the book or event which is being focused on in the report writing.