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The first new story depicts a police patrol officer who was engaged in a harrowing incident during a traffic stop in Bloom Field Township. In the news story Brian Kashyk who was patrolling escaped death narrowly on Monday after he escaped being pinned down by two cars. The incident happened when he was investigating another car on the side of a busy highway in the township. This happened as he was taking information from a driver then he noticed that there was a car that was approaching which had lost control. The car was running towards him in a very high speed. In his efforts to save himself he tried to run but at the end he jumped. According to the CNN news the police officer escaped with injuries which he has taken some times off to recuperate then resume work.

This is a very common incident that happens on our highways. Most of the patrol police officers who act as crime fighters on our roads have the tendency of stopping vehicles and gathering information by the highway side. (Stephens 2008). Not the first time that such a situation has arisen which occurs when a policeman is undertaking the investigation and another vehicle lose control and cause such accidents

Current Police News

Here the crime preventor is depicted as the culprit of the accident. He is caught up by an accident as he performs his duty of checking crime. The police officer is depicted as a swift person as he was able to escape the full impact of the accident despite the fact that he got minor injuries. To me this is a real situation as it has happened many other times where people are able to run away from a fatal situation to escape death just like the policeman did according to the news story.

The second news story by the mercury news depict a case where charges are dropped against a Calif students who had been arrested in a violent and by the use of a video tape. This is after investigation is conducted for several months concerning that case. The arrest of this Vietnamese student by these police is said to have made a bitter relation between the residents San Jose Calif and the policemen. The police are blamed for using batons and using a taser on the students. He had been charged of arrest resistance and having a deadly weopon.Both of the cases are misdemeanors cases but the police produced more video evidence. After the case was evaluated it was found out that the student could not be convicted for such crime. The student feels happy that he at last he is free but is in the process of suing the police officers who arrested him. In the video there is the evidence of the police officers striking the student with a metal bar more than ten times. The video also show the student trying to beg the police officers to be allowed to take his glasses which had fallen down in the fiasco. During the prosecution the police had said that the student had resisted arrest by force.

In this case this is feel that this is a real situation because it has happened many times when police officers use force when doing arrest. They beat the culprits and they allege that it was out of arrest resistance. This case is one among many that are very common in our society. (Stephens 2008). In this news article the crime fighters are depicted as not being professional in handling the process of arrest due to the harsh way that is exposed.

The third article depicts a 23 years old woman who is shot and injured critically by police officers after allegedly slashing a police officer with a knife in North Philadelphia on 24th February 2010. According to the neighbours that woman has been having behavioral problems as she had been

Current Police News

terrorizing the neighborhood, has been breaking car windows and also threatening people with a knife. The case happened yesterday according to Philadelphia inquirer news. The police responded to a disturbance call which came from 2500 block of West Montgomery Avenue. The woman was caught assaulting her aunt according to report by Lt. Frank Vanore.One of the officers fired a taser at her but that did not deter her. Then the woman cut Officer Leon Campbell Jr in there left hand and right arm. The back up officer accompanying Campbell shot the woman in the abdomen and the side of her arm. Currently the woman is in Temple University hospital in a critical but stable condition. The police is also in the same hospital in a stable condition awaiting release.

These types of cases are usually very common especially with people who are very aggressive. Here the police officers who are supposed to be order maintainers are faced with such challenges to deal with these kind of people. (Stephens 2008). So to me I feel this is also a real situation depiction. The order maintainers in this case are depicted in two ways. One they are victims of their roles as one of them is injured in the process of bringing back order. On the other had they are depicted as people who can use force as away of bringing back order as can be evidenced when they through the taser to the woman and also when the police shoots the woman in the stomach when she turns more aggressive.

The fourth article is a story news of Ky.troopers who were caught attending a cockfight undercover footage show kids in Kentucky. The news is from CNN. According to laws of Kentucky these fights are illegal and more shocking was that in the crowd that were watching the fight were police officers. This was evidenced by a camera footage which exposed children and uniformed police officers attending the fight. According to the laws of Kentucky this fights are bloody sports and that is why they are termed as illegal. The police officers are supposed to strengthen penalties for those who are caught masterminding these fights. In the video at least four law enforcers are seen cheering the fights and even one trooper is seen talking to a young boy. The inquiry is being conducted on this incidence.

In this case I feel that the depiction of this situation may be real or at the same time be an image depiction. The animal rights society may set the video so that they can show how police officers are not supporting them in their work. They may also create that image to shame the law enforcers. On the other hand these situations are common where the law

Current Police News

enforcers engage in many activities that are not allowed by the law (Stephens 2008). So it is not a wonder that the same was happening.

In this case the police are depicted in a very shameful way breaking the laws that they are supposed to be maintaining and enforcing. They are depicted as people who cannot be trusted in their work at any time.


Stephens, D. (2008). An introduction to American policing, Jones and Bartlett publishing.