Use of Databases


Handling and managing data in an integral part of every organization. For large amount of data use of files may not be adequate and it calls for use of a database. A database is a collection of related record and it. To manage a database, a database management system is required. The database management system is a collection of program that assists in managing the database. Managing a database includes insertion of record, access, deletion and any other activity necessary to organization’s database.

Use of database in Reddaway

Reddaway handles a lot of data related to its transportation business. The data includes the customer details, transit details, and company’s internal data. To handle these data the company uses oracle9i database management system to handle data in its networked computers. The database management system allows controlled access and manipulation of the records. The various persons handling the company’s can access the company’s database and are able to work on the database from their desktops. The database management system is installed on the server computer and all the clients computers are able to access and work with the data.

The use of oracle database management system to handle data at our organization has given advantages. We are able to keep and manage objects such graphics in our database. The database has integrated company’s data and made its management easier. The system has made the data handling to be reliable and has reduced data loss and problem related to the losses.

Use of Databases


Management of large amount of data could be challenging and expensive to an organization. Oracle database management system has allowed Reddaway to handle its various ranges of data in an efficient and economic way.