Romance Movies and the Effect of These Films on Viewers


Romance movies or romance-based movies are increasing in popularity, this is not only in the United States but also on a worldwide scale and in the same way, and their popularity is increasing. In addition, soap operas with a romantic theme are also increasing in popularity. It is sometimes difficult to describe what a romantic movie entails and there is a differential factor between the age groups as well as the time and the setting of the movie. Romance movies usually have a unique theme that keeps people in suspense and keeps them anticipating for what will happen next. Characteristically romance movies usually have a theme of progression of a sensual and mostly sexual relationship that enhances a character growth mostly between the main actor and actress.

Sleepless in Seattle is a perfect example. The movie revolves around Sam Baldwin who has just lost his wife to cancer, Sam’s son Jonah thinks that his father needs another wife in order to get back on track, Jonah goes ahead and calls a radio station and he convinces his father to go on air too. The call is heard by6 many women on air including a journalist from Baltimore (Annie reed), well the rest is history. Other top rated romance movies include titanic (1997), pretty woman (1990), love story (1970), city of angels (1998) among others. Movies not only romantic movies are a nice mode of passing time as they also reduce incidences of idleness that is a major reason for drug abuse. In Addition, movies are a popular way of relaxing with friends and catching up on good times. They also assist their viewers to be updated on the current dating catchwords.


Romance Movies and the Effect of These Films on Viewers

Romance movies are good to watch any time. They provide viewers with an enticing time as they incorporate the themes of love and romance. These movies usually have a great impact on viewers since at the end of the day many adults as well as kids learn a lot from them.

Relationship building: romance movies have both a positive and negative impact on viewer’s relationships. In a positive perspective, these movies teach their viewers to be persevering, forgiving, understanding as well as cooperating. They also impact positively on how viewers think and treat hardships in their relationships. By watching these movies viewers come to understand that love and relationships are not a bed of roses and that each of the involved parties needs to put in some effort in to the relation as well as endure or make some sacrifices in the process. In addition, the movies some of which are multi ethnic educate viewers on the dangers of discrimination, stereotyping and racialism.

Romance movies also do have a negative impact on a significant proportion of the viewers. Most romance movies are usually set on a not so common setting. The way the main actors meet is usually a rare incidence in our day-to-day lives. Furthermore, these actors look like they are destined or made to be together. This creates an idea in the viewer’s minds that love or falling in love is something that is automatic, and that actually shoots up at first sight. This makes people feel like losers if they find out that there are no candle lit diners and going to the movies in the first week after the initial meeting.


Romance movies are usually very good to watch, not only do they help the viewers to relax and catch up on good times, they also help promote the movie industry substantially. Due to their increasing popularity, they have also boosted the fashion industry, since people usually like to associate with the dressing mode of the popular actors in the movies.

Romance Movies and the Effect of These Films on Viewers


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