Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant is an official who offer assistance to the management. The role of an administrative assistant includes communication, clerical work and information management. For success of any business information collection analysis and interpretation is very important. The administrative assistants are involved with actual running of a department. A statistical administrative assistant is responsible for collection and processing of statistical data.

Good data collection and analysis is very vital to successful decision making by management. The role of statistical data collection falls on the hands of administrative assistants. In business, data collected range from finance, sales, production, market and customer satisfaction. On market, data on commodity demand, demand trend and cycles, market extent, number and strength of competitors and market growth is collected. In production data on trend of prices of raw materials and cost of production is collected. An administrative assistant also collects data on customer satisfaction (James, 2008). He notes the frequency of customer complains and the area of complain. The flow of finance is monitored.

Administrative assistants in business focus their attention on production and sales. They fail to monitor the employee’s satisfaction. Data on the employees are rarely kept. For example data on change on physical address, workers morale is ignored. Data on competitor’s trend and growth should be noted but in most cases it is ignored. The frequency on occurrence of mishaps such as electricity loss, failure of machineries should be noted but they mostly not.

Interpretation of statistical information is useful for objective decision making in business. With processed statistical data the management is able to make quick and informed decisions. Statistical information may help a business increase profit and grow by effectively managing it resource. It also help plan for the future. It assist management avoid losses.

Administrative Assistant

In procurement the management would be able to plan for acquisition of essential commodity by monitoring its depletion trend. This would avoid the losses that would have been incurred by lack of such items. Information on the trend of prices of production raw material would be useful for knowing best time to procure them. Information on the market would be useful to sales department. The information on customer demand and satisfaction is vital in arranging for advertisement and promotion.

Financial management is vital for success of any business. The flow of finance should be monitored and controlled. Statistical data on finance would help the management channel higher proportion of finance resource to the place of highest return. It also helps in planning short and long term financial commitment.

Information on employee is important to human resource management. The information could be used for assigning duties, rewarding, promotion, hiring and firing, and arranging for leaves. Labor is a vital resource to any business. Information on the human resource should be well interpreted for one have to be sensitive on their morale.

Data collected on competitors would help counter competition. It would help the management plan for market entry. Customer demands not adequately services by other competitors could be identified and taken advantage of.

Information is a vital drive to any organization. Administrative assistants make this information available to the management. The statistical administrative assistants should thus be well trained in data collection and management. In addition they should be motivated and equipped with adequate tools.

Administrative Assistant


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