Government of the United States America


The government of the United States America has myriad sources of revenue just like any other government in the world and also similarly many of its sources and proposed sources has been openly criticized and apparently have been a genesis of contention.

1. Higher taxes on entrepreneurship-The government of the United States of America has embarked on a process of taxing small businesses exorbitantly, this has raised a lot of dust among the middle income earners of the country. The government has turned a deaf ear to calls to reduce the percentage on taxation so as to assist the middle income.

2. P.A.Y.E- The government is unfair for taxing its working population highly; the citizens as well as the working immigrants pay a tax of (30%) Thirty percent on income, it has also put in place punitive measures to ensure that those who evade tax face dire consequences; this has led to a public outcry.

3. Technology –United States of America is a country that has invested heavily in technology, this industry has also been a major source of revenue to the state, and however the government has not been doing enough to protect the intellectuals from crooks who reap from the sweat of the investors by hacking, pirating, and imitating what has been invented. This is a major source of contention

Government of the United States America


Neo-Liberalism means putting up strategies to ensure that the masses have adopted ideas which see to it that they improve their status.

However, this has worked to benefit a few and in turn and incoherently assisting the status quo and when a change occurs, the few who are of substances that is the magnates, continue with the trends at the expense of the poor who continue to have their belts tightened. The George Bush’s Administration proposal for change seemed to have adopted a philosophy that the moguls once given leeway and liberty to carry out business, would benefit the low income earners , this never happened and it turned to be another miscalculated move of the Bush administration.

3) Who are the parties involved in the debate. Name 4 and discuss their position The parties involved include:

1. USA’s Legislature-Both The Senate and The Congress, were left to carry out very important and controversial positions for instance allowing the government to fund very unpopular projects like War on Iraq, these positions have been haunting some members particularly during the Presidential campaigns.

2. The investors –The Position of this group has been that the decisions of the outgoing administration were geared towards avenging and were clearly misguided, which would result to hurting the economy big time, this has come to pass according to LA Times. 3.Developing countries-These took various positions depending on their dependability on the United States Of America, those which have been depending on the superpower tremendously have been used as Trojan Horses. Those opposing the Administration have been branded as “enemies of the

Government of the United States America

people” and sanctions implemented on them.

Perceived America’s Nemesis-The position of this group has been to oppose the Bush administration and implementing policies that have been abhorred by it apparently to irk US to wrath.


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