Buying or not to buy Custom Essay

Essay is a short literary composition on a given topic given, usually presenting a personal point of view of the writer. Buy essays range from academic to non academic. They are usually written in prose and also verse form. Buy custom essays are essential in the current education system in that in high schools students are taught on essay writing to perfect their writing and presentation skills.

In Universities it is used in selecting applicants through admission essays, while in humanities it is used to assess students’ performance in the final examination. Academic performance is becoming more challenging and in a pressurized enviroment.Making essay writing a nightmare to students especially those in tertiary levels thus making buy custom writing companies a necessity. Outsourcing the services of an academic writer in buying a custom essay has several benefits such as follows:

Buy custom essay companies usually have qualified writers. The writers are usually highly qualified and specializing in different fields enabling them to write and compile buy essay that is executed in a good fluent language and in a logical manner in accordance to the topic given. This enables a student to obtain a high quality buy custom essay thus scoring high marks in his academics.

In outsourcing the services of a buy custom essay company the student, saves on his valuable time.Nowdays most of the students are engaged in alot of activities from schooling, family to work .Essay writing involves alot of time in researching and compilation hence by employing the services of a buy custom essay company the student may concentrate on other activities such revising for the final papers, thus boosting his academic performance and balance his activities.

Buying or not to buy Custom Essay

Source of materials is yet another challenge for a student. In compiling an essay one needs varied source of materials to support a particular topic. This is usually limited for most students thus necessitating the need of buy custom essay companies. The buy custom essay companies usually contain a wide range of sources on various topics thus providing accurate and reliable information on the topic.

Buy custom essay companies usually guarantees high quality buy essay. The buy essays are usually original since it is written by experienced writers for all classes of clients such as high school and University students.

Most of the buy custom essay companies are reliable due to their availability. This is because buy essays are usually given at different periods at the course of learning. The company are reliable in that they can be depended upon by its clients be it January, June or even December.

However despite the above advantages of buy essay companies, there are also some shortcomings associated with them such as follows:

Plagiarism, with the high demand of buy custom essay company services, most companies have been created. Most of these companies are usually after the clients’ money and instead of producing original work the copy paste other writers’ works and recycle them having a negative impact on the client

In addition most academic staff and educators frown on the services of the buy essay companies since it limits students potential in research and gives poor impression of students understanding on the topic. Thus most academic institution has strict academic penalties on this academic dishonesty.

Buying or not to buy Custom Essay

This buy custom essay companies usually have a negative financial implications on the student. This because most of them lack a standard rate of pricing. They charge according to the number of pages and urgency.

In conclusion it is evident that despite the buy custom companies have their short comings the are still a necessity in this ever busy academic environment