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It is common for all college goers to do extensive essay writing as part of their assessment activities. These scholarly literature pieces offer an important evaluation tool to the teaching staff that uses them to grade students. These college essays contribute a great deal to the final score that a student is to attain at the end of the learning period. They are mainly used by the teaching staff to assess the extent to which students have grasped the concepts and ideas passed to them in class during the actual learning process.

There are various features of essays for college that students need to grasp in order to be able to write essays that can earn them a good mark. Proficiency in essay writing is essential for any student that wants to have a good performance in his or her academics. Therefore, a student has culture proper writing skills by learning the essential features of essays for college.

Firstly, a college essay can take on various forms. These college essay forms differ depending on the manner in which the essay writer chooses to approach the topic that is under discussion within the content of the college essay. This sort of differentiation results in different forms of essays such as expository essays, illustration essays, argumentative essays, descriptive essays and many more other forms all tackling their subjects in a different approach. Despite these differences, most essays adopt a general format and they all have common essay features that characteristic of all college essay assignments. These common features include the different sections within any academic college essay.

The first college essay feature is the introduction section. This is a basic requirement in any scholarly essay, and unless the assigning instructor states otherwise, an introductory paragraph has to be included. This introductory paragraph within a college essay should contain a brief and terse highlight of all that is supposed to be covered within the college essay as well as a thesis statement. The statement should be in at least 1 or 2 sentences.

The next feature that constitutes a college essay is the abstract, though not a necessity; at times assigning instructors require students to include an abstract. This is usually the case if the essay is a little longer. The abstract within a college essay is followed by a brief literature review part. This feature within the essay concisely reviews related literary work that is used to develop the content of the essay. Next follows the main body of the college essay. This portion of the college essay forms the main feature of any college essay. As the main feature of a college essay, the main body enshrines the main argument or vivid presentation of ideas.

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The body of a college essay may contain the main argument, an analysis, discussion, explanation or combination of these as the writer tries to elucidate whatever information s/he wishes to pass to the readership. The next feature after the main body of the essay for college is the conclusion. This a final feature that is used to show the readers that the author has concluded his/her works, by briefly re-stating the work covered within the piece as well as the main points and ideas. The feature offers a closing statement that also highlights the significance of what is covered within the college essay. Finally, the essay should have a list of all the secondary materials used within a bibliography section.