Beware of Custom Essay Writing Services

The ever growing pressure in the education al field has made students more and more stressed. The assignments given are numerous which require alot of time and attention coupled with other social activities such as work and families. This has made many of them to opt for the assistance of the custom essay writing services .This services are readily available in the net and majority of them offer services at astonishing cheaper rate. However despite this services being helpful to the students it has several problems associated with them such as seen below;

Poor quality and plagiarized work. Most of the custom essays writing services provide duplicated essays to students since most of them are out there to siphon money from time bound students. These students in turn fall victims of academic dishonesty which has severe consequences such as dismissal or re sitting for the paper. To avoid these problems students ought to ensure the company uses anti plagiarism softwares and has good reputation.

Custom essay writing services hinders student’s creativity. Most of the educators and institution administrators frown on these services because they hinder students’ creativity and they are usually meant to measure students’ comprehension on a particular topic. Since most students engage experts on custom essay services the work produced is of very high quality giving a wrong impression on students’ comprehension. This has been witnessed whereby students score highly in the essays and when the same questions or related are tested in the finals they opposite is very true. It also hinders students writing and presentation skills.

The custom essay writing services are usually very expensive. Most of these custom essay services charge their work expensively, most of them charge according to the topic given, number of pages and the urgency of the custom essay. This has a negative financial implication on the student since the money which could have been diverted for another project say buying

Beware of Custom Essay Writing Services

text books is used to buy duplicated work.

Incompetent staff, most of these custom essays writing services employ incompetent staff.To gets a competent and qualified academic writer is very hard and they are very expensive yet most of these companies are there to make quick money. This forces them to employ inexperienced staffs who lack credible academic background such as degree or doctorate. This staff usually produces essays of poor quality affecting the academic performance of the students since these essays usually account for very high grades.

Most of these custom essays writing companies are virtual. Most of them exist only in the internet and lack any physical location. The students who fall prey of their fraud are usually left stranded because they are not aware of any physical location to trace them and settle their problems hence left as victims of cyber fraud.

These custom essay writing service companies have limited materials for references. In producing the custom essay they are usually limited to internet sources only since most of them do not have libraries for collecting information. The use of journals and books is very limited and rarely used reducing on the quality of the custom essay since most of them is about the intensity of the research.

In conclusion one would agree that despite the fact that most of these custom essay writing services are very beneficial to students but their shortcomings are worse. This calls for them to be aware of these custom essay writing services especially those bogus once. In the principle of caveat emptor ‘buyer be aware’ the student is the only one to loose in case things go wrong.