Graduate Essay

A graduate essay is a short composition written in universities and is usually written from the writer’s point of view. Graduate essay describe and analyze a particular issues. Graduate teachers have higher expectation for graduate essay and therefore a student need to do thorough work when asked to write one. Many students resort in seeking graduate essay writing help from custom writing companies. For a writing company to provide quality custom graduate essay writing services it should have qualified writers. A graduate essay writer should have knowledge and skills in writing different types of graduate essays.

There are many different types of graduate essay, but the most common ones include; cause/ effect essays, compare/contrast essay, literature analysis essay, persuasive/ argumentative essay, research essay and illustration essays. A cause effect graduate essay focuses on a certain phenomenon and attempt to explain its causes or the effects of its occurrence. A compare / contrast graduate essay is based on comparison between two or more people, places, things or ideas. The graduate essay writer is supposed to give both the similarities and differences while writing compare/ contrast graduate essay.

Literature analysis graduate essay focuses on the essay writer’s observation and views concerning a certain literature such as a book, journal article or story. For any writing company to provide such custom written graduate essays, it has to have in its possession the particular literature in question. Persuasive/ argumentative graduate essay requires the writer to take a stand on a particular issue and attempt to persuade the readers to adopt his/ her point of view. Research graduate essay requires the writer to conduct research on a given topic and present finding through a short piece of writing. Illustration graduate essay gives directions or step by step instructions on how to perform a given task.

Perhaps the type of graduate essay that is today becoming the most common is the university admission/ application essay. The requirement to write university application/ admission essay by prospect students is a concept being adopted by many graduates’ schools today. A good graduate admission essay should present the accomplishment and achievement of the writer, his/ her personality, skills and life experiences. A good graduate essay should be free from plagiarism. Companies offering graduate essays for sale should ensure that the essays are original. Original graduate essay writing starts from scratch and does not involve copy and pasting.

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A Graduate essay writer should ensure that sources consulted during the writing of the essays are well cited and referenced within the graduate essay papers. Wordiness and repetition should also be avoided in writing a graduate essay. Students should ensure that they buy graduate essay that has been written using correct grammar, writing style and punctuations. Spelling mistakes should not be entertained in a graduate essay as they indicate lack of attention and care.

Therefore graduate essay writers should proof read their work to enable them identify and correct errors early enough. Students are advised to order graduate essay only from trusted writing companies as there are many illegitimate companies that prey on student by providing low quality pre-written papers. Writing companies providing graduate essays for sale should strive to deliver the essays to the students in time as most graduate schools give deadlines for handing in work assigned to students.