College Argumentative Essay

Essays are short written pieces of literary compositions which are used in the academic realms for the purpose of assessment. These pieces of work are usually written in the author’s point of view. There exists various categories of essays such as expository essays, narrative essays, persuasive essays, informatory essays, analytic essays or argumentative essays-just to mention but a few. This categorization is based on how they handle the subject under consideration.

Students at times lack the know-how and intricacies of academic writing. They may also lack time because of the busy schedules that they have to follow in their academic, research social life. This has led to a rise in the demand for writing services that help students in the customization of original essays. The services offered in the writing industry include editing, proofreading as well as actual writing of scholarly work. In this writing the writing of an argumentative essay shall be highlighted.

Writing of an argumentative essay

Essays of an argumentative nature are literary works used to highlight issues that may be of a controversial nature, or issues that may require the author to choose and develop a personal stand. These scholarly pieces of writing present ideas or issues that may be of a conflicting nature or concepts upon which there is no clear agreement or stand. As such argumentative essays are used to offer a standing point that is clear and firm. At times argumentative essays may fail to present a clear cut stand, but they could offer a comparative argument that highlights issues on both sides.

However, in most cases authors of argumentative essays are supposed to state their school of thought or stands. When writing an argumentative essay, the author should first define the general problem on which the argument shall be based. The next step in the writing of the argumentative essay should entail the presentation of the two or more sides of alternative ideas or solutions to the problem that should be considered.

The introduction of the issue/s under consideration should be done on the introductory section of the argumentative essay. The second part that highlights both sides of the argument within the argumentative essay should be well presented within the body of the essay. The body of an

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argumentative essay should be the most detailed part of the argumentative essay and it should be the largest part of the essay. If the author of an argumentative essay takes a specific stand on the presented issues, s/he should highlight his/her stand and take up one side of the argument.

The stand should be presented within the main body of the argumentative essay. An argumentative essay should be concluded by a conclusion section that reviews both sides of the argument in a neutral non-biased manner. The conclusion section of an argumentative essay should present all the main ideas highlighted in a brief and concise manner.

The two sides of the argument should also be reviewed and thereafter an average weighted mean provided that closes the presented argument in a conclusive manner. Any students having difficulties in writing argumentative essay assignments can simply seek help from online writing companies that offer customized argumentative essay writing. These services are provided in a prompt and timely manner at an affordable fee pegged on the number of pages that are ordered.