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What gives?

What does it mean and how does one use it in a statement?

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Tim M

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Means you are asking someone what’s going on, what’s the problem. It’s almost a sentence unto itself such as: What gives, man?

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♂ ♫ Timberwolf
It’s like “what’s going on”.

Example: We were supposed to meet at the mall at 3:00 for a movie. You didn’t come. What gives?


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Jenn M
“What gives” is another way of saying “What’s happening?” or “What’s up?”

It is used in two ways – as a direct question or an indirection question.

Direct question: What gives with these banana slugs?

Indirect question: I don’t know what gives with these banana slugs.

It generally has negative connotations. For example, if I were mad about my friend Lexi cancelling on our plans for Saturday night, I’d probably say: “What gives with Lexi cancelling for Saturday night?”


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It is usually a stand alone interrogative, meaning “what is going on here?”. Usually when one is upset about something or in disagreement.

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ankita c
What gives means what provides or offers……

It can be explained in th following sentences…..

What gives meaning to my life?

What gives meaning to your life?”

What gives meaning to the interdependence of hospitals?


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it’s like “how are you?” “what’s up?” also “what happened?”

in the right context it could be “what did they want?”