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is there a college that offers degrees in art as well as business?

and online classes as well…

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Separate art and business undergraduate degrees? There are a lot of them. A few examples of well respected schools that do well in both are:

– Carnegie Mellon

– Syracuse

– Rochester Institute of Tech

– Rensselaer Polytechnic

– Fashion Institute of Tech

– U Cal Berkeley


As for online classes, that’s more difficult. Most schools don’t offer art degrees online, and those that do tend to be art schools which thus don’t also offer business. Those few that offer both online, are not very well respected.

If you decide to do art online, I can only recommend the following schools:

– Academy of Art University

– Savannah College of Art and Design

– Parsons

I don’t think that’s one of the majors that Carnegie Mellon offers online, but you could check. They have a strong online program, but I believe it’s mostly geared toward the tech fields.


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Penn State does both. In fact the Smeal School of Business at Penn State’s University Park is world renown. And the art department is awesome as well! On top of that Penn State has the World Campus, a “campus” devoted solely to online programs. And each Penn State campus offers online courses.

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I you mean a degree that is in art and in business at the same time, we call that Arts Administration.

There aren’t a lot of Arts Administration programs online. UMass Online has a certificate (that isn’t all that expensive) that is pretty well respected.



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Pretty much ALL major universities do.

Some schools are geared more toward technical training (science, engineering), and may not necessarily offer Art degrees, but many do.

You’ll just need to check the college catalogs for the schools that most interest you.

Good luck!


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Lots of colleges have both Art Schools and Business Schools. For example, UC-Berkeley, University of Minnesota and NYU all have both programs.

You can probably study both topics at an on-line university — but it would not help you get a job in either field.


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