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Corrine H

I need to send my 15 year old daughter to Boarding School is there financial assistance?

I don’t want to take out a government loan! Is there any organizations that can help low income Mother of 3 kids?

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Why do you feel you need to send her to boarding school? Most boarding schools are afforded only by the wealthy, as they are extremely expensive. Do you need to send her away from home for some reason? Cause boarding school tuition will include her room and “board” which is where she will live for a period of time.

I could be wrong, but I don’t believe there’s any financial assistance available for boarding school. Don’t think the govt. is gonna give you a loan for it either. They’ll probably recommend free public schools. There are still a few decent public schools left.


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Dana S
A lot of boarding schools have financial aid, depending on the size of their endowment. Talk to the admissions department of whichever schools you are looking at, you will probably have to fill out forms simular to FAFSA for college which will take into account your income and your other children, etc. Financial aid does differ by school so you will have to do your research. Good Luck