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I Need A Campaign Slogan… Check It Out!?

So far I’ve got

It’s EZ 2 C

Alex T

4 VP

Caught in a sticky… Vote Tulowiecki

Any idea’s would be really appreciated my name is Alex Tulowiecki (2LowWickE) I’ll be running for vice president. Thanks!

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I think the first part of your slogan is fine. I would leave out: Caught in a sticky…Vote Tulowiecki. I think that is playing into your opponents’ hands. If I were your opponent, I would turn that around on you and say Tulowiekci’s a sticky wicket.

Note this website if that phrase is unfamiliar to you. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wicket


A few days ago

If you’re going for that kind of leet speak thing then what you have already is fine.

If it were me, my slogan would be:

Choose me, Alex Tulowiecki, for Vice President. I’ll probably be better than anyone else.

You know… just tell it to ’em straight.


A few days ago
Vote Too Low okay?

Alex Tulowiecki for VP!!

Well it seemed like a good idea till i typed it in – sowi!!

Hope you win!! Good Luck!!