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I have to write an annotated bibliography for a math class?

“You will research a specific topic in mathematics, propose plausible connections between this topic and a theme of your innate interest, and substantiate your conclusions by providing supporting details from at least eight diverse published sources.”

Can someone explain this to me?

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What is it you don’t understand? It seems clear enough.

Pick a theme that you’re interested in. Then pick a specific mathematical topic that relates to that theme.

Research that topic, and write about the connections between the two. You need to cite at least eight different sources.

It doesn’t say, in the part you’ve quoted, you need an annotated bibliography, but that just means that for each citation, you describe the work.

Any other specific questions you have are probably best directed to your prof.


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I can be of no help, I just thought I would let you know in your future–there will be none of this. Unless you become a math professor. Just looking at that question makes me want to scream loudly. I wonder how old you are. Makes me really happy to be an adult with a full time stressful job because I dont know what the **** that means. God bless and GOOD LUCK!

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Jeanne S
First, do you need APA, MLA, ASA, or Chicago?

The best resources out there (and I am a grad student) is




Make sure you don’t plagiarize! 😀